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Diabetes Prevention Program - Overview and Anthem Results To Date
10/2/2017 11:00 am PST

"Diabetes Prevention Program" or DPP is garnering a lot of attention in the health care space.  But, what exactly is it?  And, should you be taking a closer look at DPP for your organization's wellness offering?

Please join us for this session which will focus on:

*What is DPP and why is it becoming more prominent in the employer wellness space?

*What results has Anthem's DPP solution had to date?

*Considerations to add DPP to your wellness portfolio.

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Wellness Market Trends
9/06/2017 11:00 AM PST

Each year, we see dynamic changes in the wellness market place which shed light on organizational choices and appetites in the workforce or member wellness space. 

Wellness surveys conducted by a variety of organizations consistently demonstrate that not only are wellness initiatives working, but they are evolving and becoming more sophisticated.  

LIsten to this recording led by our wellness subject matter expert and industry thought leader Crystal Hover which will focus on:

*Current trends in the wellness market;

*Notable changes or shifts from the prior year(s) survey data;

*Emerging programs or services coming in to the market;

*Focal points for 2018 wellness planning.

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