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The best bodyguards in the business

Each of us knows our body best – when we’re tired; getting a cold; or when something just doesn’t feel quite right. Even if everything feels fine, it’s good to see your doctor on a regular basis.

Hey sugar, sugar

People who have diabetes have blood glucose (or sugar) levels that are above normal. It is a serious illness that can cause other health problems such as heart disease, blindness or kidney failure. It’s important to know the signs of diabetes and how to control your blood sugar.

Pink power!

The pink ribbon is a well-known symbol for the fight against breast cancer. Regular screenings like mammograms, self-exams and healthy lifestyle habits go a long way in helping keep breast cancer from becoming a problem in women’s lives.

Numbers to know

Do you know your cholesterol numbers?. That’s because one in six adult Americans has high blood cholesterol. * Fortunately, your lifestyle choices can help, such as what you eat and how often you exercise.

A healthy you is worth a shot

Immunizations aren’t just for kids. Adults need them, too. They protect you from things like chicken pox and the flu. Preventive care exams are also very important. They can help you stay well, catch problems early on and may save your life.

Feel the burn at the gym – not under the sun

Before catching some rays, it’s important to protect yourself against skin cancer – the most common form of cancer in the U.S. Simple things like wearing sunscreen and protective clothing can help prevent skin cancer.

The way to a man’s heart…

…Is through healthy blood vessels, lungs and a strong body.

Currently, one in five American men has heart disease, and three in four are overweight.* Regular checkups, exercise and screenings can help men avoid serious heart conditions.

Pressure? What pressure?

We’re talking about blood pressure. One in three U.S. adults has high blood pressure.* In almost every case, the cause is unknown.** But, what is known, is that you can do something about it.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it…

…is to lower your chances of getting cancer.

You can do it! Simple things like eating healthy and exercising can help. Don’t be one of the hundreds of thousands of people who die every year from cancer.

A healthy variety is the spice of life

Eating right is one of the keys to a healthier lifestyle. By having balanced nutritious meals, you may reduce the likelihood of certain long-term (chronic) conditions and types of cancer.*

Love your heart

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S.?* But by understanding your risk factors and making healthy decisions about your diet and lifestyle, you can significantly improve your odds.


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